Date a girl who reads

I stumbled upon this sometime back, and I may not even agree with what is written completely, but it was written so beautifully that I wanted to agree with it.. You may have… Continue reading

The Himalayas (Stairway to Heaven?)

I was introduced to the Himalayas when I was extremely young. I probably didn’t notice it then, but now I realize how lucky I was/am. Since then, I’ve trekked almost every year in… Continue reading

Our Truth

Why had it come to this? She observed the expression on every person’s face. She saw the independent men, trying even now to suppress the emotion inside to exhibit a facade of strength.… Continue reading

Alternative to Microsoft Word

I hate Microsoft Word. No, I don’t hate it. I despise it. I loathe it. It is the most disobedient, frustrating, and mentally draining software you can find. Particularly when you consider how… Continue reading

The Advent into Blogging

I’m new to blogging. I created this blog just five days ago and in those five days I’ve spent a large amount of time jumping from one blog to another in order to… Continue reading


  The sky streamed in through the window like smoke blown astray by a strong breeze. In that smoke of the sky she could see stars moving along perfect, mesmerizing streamlines. It was… Continue reading

A Must Watch

This one is simply unbelievable. State of mind: Blown. Definitely worth everyone’s time, whether you listen to music or not, go ahead, click the button.