10 tips on characterization in your fiction

I want to dedicate this one post solely to some advice on creating and perfecting your fictional characters. Usually I don’t tend to write posts like these but some of this stuff seemed… Continue reading

Exchange semester (Houston, USA)

Hi! Its been a while since I last posted, thanks to the fact that I was busy moving into Houston, USA for an exchange semester. However, the good news is that I’m taking… Continue reading

Tourist infested Phuket, but still a go ahead

Firstly, Happy New Year everyone! Lets all hope 2013 is great, although frankly I don’t feel much different today. Do you? The second part of my Thailand trip is left to be spoken… Continue reading

Diving and the Beach (Khao Lak, Thailand)

“Ayeee!! Come heeere come heeere!” the slightly plump, grinning Thai lady frantically beckoned to us. I felt a little bad as I called out to tell her we wouldn’t be going there. Not… Continue reading

What to do when you read your flight timing as 7:10 instead of 17:10 in Thailand

Pretty much nothing. Because Orient Thai (a domestic flight service in Thailand) is likely to be delayed, something that I didn’t know then. So I reached the airport, nearly killed myself, and then… Continue reading

The Blogger Community

I like the blogger community. I could spend hours jumping from blog to blog because nearly every blog tells an interesting story or gives me an interesting perspective on things. That said, there’s… Continue reading

J.K. Rowling’s Trump Card

I was a fan of Harry Potter. I still am, but it’s near nothing when compared to the fanaticism I showed some years ago. I think most of us were fans, once we… Continue reading