California through a windshield (3: Los Angeles)

There’s a certain amount of excitement when you’re going to visit Los Angeles for the first time. It’s one of those places that you doubted really existed because it was always present only… Continue reading

California through a windshield (2: San Diego)

On Sunday February 24th, I managed to lift my eyelids (with considerable effort) and take in the surroundings. I was in a hotel room with two queen size beds all alone. But that… Continue reading


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Muni buses are the red blood cells of San Francisco, which makes the people the oxygen. The Mission is probably the city’s belly, and Oakland is its liver. To…

California through a windshield (1)

As usual, I’m going to divide my account of the roadtrip into two or more posts as I find it easier for me, and hopefully to you guys! Its taken me so long… Continue reading

California Roadtrip

So its Spring Break, and what better way to spend it than road trip across California?! And what better than a group of 6 people comprising a Brazilian, Italian, Korean, German, American and… Continue reading

It’s all in your mind (2)

Here’s the second half!   He had started small. Little experiments. With the influence he then patiently gained, he was sure they could remain undiscovered in the future. The money was collecting. With… Continue reading

It’s all in your mind (Part 1)

Hey! This is the first half of a short story I recently wrote. Its been a while since I’ve written a short story. I’ll put up the next half within the next couple… Continue reading