New Orleans, a city of music

About fifteen minutes after I arrived in New Orleans, I witnessed an accident. A scooter crashed head on into a car that had just turned onto the road, and the rider was thrown… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Is everything not a matter of perspective? Is the glass half full or half empty? Have we completed half our journey or do we have half of it left? Are we being partially… Continue reading

California through a windshield (4: San Francisco and Napa)

San Francisco is a great walking city. I loved strolling around downtown SF as opposed to LA or San Diego. It seemed to me as if the city had more character. Maybe it’s… Continue reading

What is to be done with Farokh?

Mr. Daruwala was an interesting man. He was now forty, and he didn’t really do anything in particular. Well, he collected cuckoo clocks, cats, and carpets. He also liked playing the Wii with… Continue reading

The World Passport

I dream to be in large cities and small villages. I dream to be on islands of sand and islands of ice. I dream to be in plains and deserts. I dream to… Continue reading


Do vote for this amazing woman if you haven’t already! Maybe we can’t do what she’s doing ourselves but we can certainly help her out. And stories will follow for sure :)

Stop sleepwalking through life

When I watched ‘Across the Universe’, the musical based on songs by the Beatles, one quote etched itself in my head: ‘It’s not what you do that defines who you are, rather, it’s… Continue reading