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What is to be done with Farokh?

Mr. Daruwala was an interesting man. He was now forty, and he didn’t really do anything in particular. Well, he collected cuckoo clocks, cats, and carpets. He also liked playing the Wii with… Continue reading

It’s all in your mind (2)

Here’s the second half!   He had started small. Little experiments. With the influence he then patiently gained, he was sure they could remain undiscovered in the future. The money was collecting. With… Continue reading

It’s all in your mind (Part 1)

Hey! This is the first half of a short story I recently wrote. Its been a while since I’ve written a short story. I’ll put up the next half within the next couple… Continue reading

10 tips on characterization in your fiction

I want to dedicate this one post solely to some advice on creating and perfecting your fictional characters. Usually I don’t tend to write posts like these but some of this stuff seemed… Continue reading

Our Truth

Why had it come to this? She observed the expression on every person’s face. She saw the independent men, trying even now to suppress the emotion inside to exhibit a facade of strength.… Continue reading


  The sky streamed in through the window like smoke blown astray by a strong breeze. In that smoke of the sky she could see stars moving along perfect, mesmerizing streamlines. It was… Continue reading

The Tiger Behind the Bar

A little unconventional, but it’s something I wrote very recently, so it’s as fresh as it can get! Just a little note: I don’t often have realistic dreams. I regularly frequent Nightwatch, the… Continue reading