Daily Prompt: Flip Flop | The Sheer Multitude of Times

Daily Prompt: Flip Flop –

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

I’ve switched my opinion about a lot of things, both inconsequential and significant. In fact, sometimes I think it’s the only thing I’ve done, ever. Other than opinions about the people in my life that matter. These days, I actually accept a changed opinion of mine with absolute nonchalance, because I feel it’s a rather good thing.

To name very few, I’ve undergone a constant change in my music taste, always moving on to like exactly what I thought I never would. I’ve inevitably grown to enjoy food I never thought I would, and sometimes stopped caring about food I used to love. On a related note, I’ve switched between being vegetarian and non-vegetarian at least thrice, each time less convincedly than the last. I’ve also even continually changed my opinion about the kind of person I am.

And here’s why I think it’s a good thing. Since I kept moving to new random music, I’ve ended up going through more genres than most people around me, and opening my mind to new sounds. Surprisingly, I’ve grown to enjoy healthier foods (for the most part) and stopped caring about stuff like desserts (again, for the most part). I’ve now tried many different kinds of meat, although I was brought up in a vegetarian household. At this point of time, I’ve settled comfortably at this point where I usually prefer vegetarian food, but would eat meat if I had no other option. Makes it much easier to travel! I really don’t like seafood though, still. I’ve really tried. Really. However, most importantly, I’ve learned that it isn’t possible for me to know who I am. It isn’t really possible to pinpoint a personality. I often surprise myself. And once you’re aware of and comfortable with this, I find you’re usually more content somehow.

I know there might be people who have not quite had similar experiences with switching opinions, but I found it quite an interesting thing. Switching an opinion often has this bad ring to it, but some time back I quite switched my opinion about switching opinions!