California through a windshield (2: San Diego)

On Sunday February 24th, I managed to lift my eyelids (with considerable effort) and take in the surroundings. I was in a hotel room with two queen size beds all alone. But that wasn’t the strangest part. The more I looked around, the more I realized I was sleeping in a pig sty. The bed sheets were all crumpled on the floor, bags were lying all over the place, a huge plunger and an enormous traffic cone rested in a corner, wrappers and paper bags were strewn across the floor, ketchup lay all over the carpet and splattered on the walls and portraits, ashtrays were overturned and unused. I walked to the bathroom and found that the paper napkins and toilet paper were used up, and were floating in the pot, which was duly clogged. I was thirsty, hungry, needed to pee, and needed something for my throbbing headache, and I couldn’t do a thing.

Trashed room

The room I speak of

Plunger and Cone

Plunger and Cone

Chevy Traverse

The abused Chevy Traverse (before it was abused)

I blame Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego. It’s an amazing place. A district of bars, pubs, clubs and more, designed for people who embrace the night. I would rather be in a pub personally, but there’s something for everyone! Of course, if you’re a college student, not the cheapest of places to go, so I would strongly suggest drinking before you set out. Frankly, all one has to do is get to the area and walk around. There are even horse carriages moving about!

Gaslamp Quarter

5th Avenue, Gaslamp Quarter

We had breakfast at this place called Kono’s Café off Mission Boulevard. It’s a must, particularly if the weather is good. Cheap, awesome, tasty, aromatic food, and mind boggling quantities of it! I had a ‘Big Breakfast’ or something like that for $6.50 and I could barely finish three-fourth of it. They have a nice outdoor deck where you can take your food and sit in the sun before the Pacific Ocean, although the responsibility of protecting your food from nosy pigeons and seagulls falls entirely upon you.

Kono's food!


Another place we visited was La Jolla (has anyone watched The Big Lebowski?) at sunset.

La Jolla sunset

La Jolla sunset2

Waves crashing against the rock, clouds dyed in a spectacular variety of colours, the wind whipping your clothes. The pictures say it all. We couldn’t have begun the trip better.

La Jolla moon

Something inspired me to click this picture…

La Jolla waves

LA beckoned.

For anyone who would like to know, we spent one night in San Diego at the San Diego Downtown Lodge, and the second at Hampton Inn, again downtown and near the airport. Both of these we found on the iPhone apps and Orbitz. San Diego Downtown Lodge was a decent clean place, nothing fancy. It had minimal parking (although we grabbed a spot) and was a tad on the sketchy side. It was about 90 dollars for 4 people for a night. Hampton Inn on the other hand was a much bigger, grander place but since we were 6 people then it still worked out to the same amount per head.

San Diego Downtown Lodge

A friend of mine and I also plan to make a little edited video out of all the footage we have from our trip and hopefully we should be able to do it by end April. It’s my first time doing any sort of video editing so hopefully iVideo doesn’t fail me! If anyone has done this before, suggestions for a better software (if any) are welcome.