What to do when you read your flight timing as 7:10 instead of 17:10 in Thailand

Pretty much nothing. Because Orient Thai (a domestic flight service in Thailand) is likely to be delayed, something that I didn’t know then. So I reached the airport, nearly killed myself, and then realized the flight had been delayed to 18:40. Oh well.. I looked around knowingly and calmly smiled at the lady at the check in counter.

I’ve spent the last ten days travelling in Thailand, therefore the (hopefully inconspicuous) inactivity on the blog, but now there’s plenty of fodder! Diving, beaches, drinking, people, conversations, ladyboys, and football even, there’s been plenty. I thought I would put it down in two or three posts and try to make it as interesting for a third person, as entertainment and also as some useful stuff for those who actually want to travel there (you should). I’ll try including as many photos as possible but for now the DSLR is with one of my friends and she refuses to send me the photos. Sigh.

So you should like my next couple if you’re into travelling or ladyboys. Just kidding, travelling or diving.