The Blogger Community

I like the blogger community. I could spend hours jumping from blog to blog because nearly every blog tells an interesting story or gives me an interesting perspective on things. That said, there’s something that I like even more than just that. It’s the fact that almost every blogger is doing something creative, extraordinary, or off the beaten path. Lets accept it, not all of us are very successful at it, but we try, and we love trying.

How often do you come across someone immersed in the corporate world taking the time out to maintain a blog? Very rare. Those rare people are awesome, but the very fact that they take the trouble to maintain a blog tells the rest of us something right? If they wrote about their daily life I doubt many people would read it.

For someone like me, and probably you, who thinks a little different and doesn’t want to be doing what they’re supposed to be doing (and I strongly challenge ‘supposed’ here, that’s the fundamental error that every person who doesn’t question generalities further makes, assuming that there is something defined that he is ‘supposed’ to be doing; there is no such thing), a collection of people like here on WordPress is this sort of haven where everyone IS like you, and it makes me feel a lot better and justified about my continually derailing trains of thought. There’s nothing more gratifying than reading posts from people who you can relate with, the amazing part of it being that those people could be anywhere in the world, but you still understand. I probably know two or three other people who are like me, in person, and I’m sure I’ve already come across at least thirty such people here! Of course, what I write relates to only the small fraction of WordPress that is the blogging community that I’m concerned with, but if that community is big enough, what more can you need?

PS:  I simply love reading the ‘About’ sections on every blog. I don’t think anyone could find more creative ways of expressing themselves in short.