Our Truth

Why had it come to this? She observed the expression on every person’s
face. She saw the independent men, trying even now to suppress the
emotion inside to exhibit a facade of strength. She saw the couples,
believing falsely that as long as they remained together nothing would
harm them. She saw the children, pulled harshly forward by their
parents’ hands as they turned to look behind, their young eyes
consumed by terror; and the babies, wrapped in their mothers’ arms,
their bawling a deep note resounding within her head.

She looked straight ahead at the darkness and destruction down the
path. The land had changed to a fearsome black.

It was a strange sight. The world wanted to run backward for a change.
She saw why. But how many of them would get across? How many would
save themselves? The ships were disappearing one by one. People began
to run. There was panic, confusion, despair. It was in that
pandemonium that the truth hit her.

She knew why they were running. They would have to run faster, and
then even faster. At this juncture, when space had become time, it had
become clear to the human race.

We may have to walk just to stand, but it isn’t too late to build
rafts, she thought, and turned to run with everyone else.